Monday, 2 April 2012

Discipline: Slalom Skateboarding

Slalom - Half Shell mandatory, gloves & pads recommended.
Freeride - Half Shell & Slide Gloves mandatory, pads recommended.
Downhill Racing - Full Face & Slide Gloves mandatory, pads recommended.

Dual & GS Slalom:
Setup for the Hybrid Dual Slalom on the Saturday will start at 12:00am.
This will include the putting up of ramps, course setting and laying down of timing gear.
Open practice will be run from 12:30am (earlier if possible) with the racing starting at 1:00pm.
Qualifying will be the best time of two runs, one run in each lane.
Starting for qualifying will be individually timed, but in order to keep up the racing impetus, racers are requested to go within ten seconds of being permitted on course, with parallel qualifying preferred (ie: racers going together ASAP).

Time and numbers (and weather) permitting, there will then be bracketing into two groups of 16, A and B Groups. If there are any delays then a single bracket of top 16 will be arranged.
Starting in the heats will then be via the standard European system of 'five second warning, where, once racers are ready, a start will ensue at any point within the next five seconds.
Anyone DEEMED to be jumping the start will be given just one verbal warning before being given the DQ penalty of 10per cent of the fastest qualifying time. Cone penalty will be 0.1 seconds per cone. If a cone is hit and remains either touching or in part of its circle then it is not to be counted as a penalty. If a cone is out of place on your run, then pull out of the course and raise your hand immediately.
If cones are knocked out in front of you by the opposition's cones then do likewise. A rerun will occur. If these rules are deemed to be abused, then the
organiser's delegated referee decision will be final. Even if wrong.

Please can competitors cone-marshall on their way back up the hill to the start. There will be four posts dividing sections of the course. Move up one position after each race. Please offer to cone-marshall even if you have been knocked out of the competition. The heats go through very quickly as the final approached and accurate marshalling is critical.

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GS - Sunday:
We have the track from 9:00am onwards on Sunday, so setup of the course will begin then, using the hill that backs onto the hybrid course. It will consist of a single lane timed run with start ramp.
Each racer will have three runs (time permitting) with the best of these runs counting as final time. A Top Gear style leader board will show the best riders and times to beat. Again, it is preferred that a competitor goes within ten seconds of the course being open to them, choosing within that slot the best start moment given prevailing conditions.

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Again, it is requested that competitors assist in cone-marshalling on their return up the course.

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