Monday, 2 April 2012

Discipline: Buttboard/Street Luge/Mini Moto/Other

Half Shell helmet & gloves are a minimum requirement for "Other" disciplines.

Dangerous Decks Presents:
Buttboard race & Mini Moto Challenge once again!
The above events will be run on the sunday by the Dangerous Decks team, last year we had a broken ankle from the mini moto's alone! Let's see if anyone ups the ante in 2012.

Pic courtesy of Gevan

Disciplines welcome:
Standup, Slalom, Luge, Buttboard, Gravity Bike, Inline, Quad, Dirtsurfers, Skullboarders. If your discipline isn't listed here, please leave a comment.
There will be limited uplifts on the day for Equipment only thanks to Will Stephenson.

Pic courtesy of


  1. Hi guys, any Drift Trikes running in this??

  2. Drift trikes are welcome, please note however that there are NO uplifts.
    That said, it doesn't stop lugers & inliners from riding :)